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This is a series of 12 photos produced from the theme of 'Distortion'. I did three sub-sections within the whole series in relation to the theme. These photos represent anxiety and the process of a panic attack.
Having experienced a panic attack and anxiety before, these photos are somewhat personal to me but how the by-stander views it is entirely up to them.

The first series: 'Realisation" refers to the moment that a stimulus triggers a panic attack. Although panic attacks appear out of the blue, people who suffer from anxiety may suffer from multiple panic attacks and these are usually triggered by thought. The bulbs breaking symbolise this one moment where the thought process starts. Using fast shutter speeds mean more light is needed and so I used two soft boxes and a redhead. I also used a simple set up of black paper.
Settings used: f/4.5, ISO-3200 and 1/2000sec exposure time

The second series: "Process" refers to the build up before a panic attack. After the anxious thoughts start, they become more intense and dominant. Just as the water bounces and moves, the body's functions kick into action. The body prepares itself in a 'fight or flight' mode. These photos are actually sound sculptures inspired by one of the Canon printer advert campaigns. Using speakers and a bin bag stretched over it as the membrane, I placed water on the top and blasted the sound full blast. I had difficulty shooting these as the speakers I owned were not powerful enough. If you ever attempt this, I flat speaker would definitely be advised and whatever you choose to use as the membrane, make sure that you stretch it as taut as you can. That's the trick as I figured out a bit too late...
Settings Used: f/5, ISO-3200, 1/1250sec exposure time

The third series: "Reaction" is well the full blown panic attack. If you've ever experienced it, you will know how horrifying they are. and for those who haven't, well its supposed to resemble a heart attack. It's nightmare-ish. This Jenga tower falling apart symbolises the body unable to contain the rush of adrenaline. The body being weakened by the different varying symptoms of the attack, the tower breaking down. Instead of trying to push the tower blocks down, rather grab a few blocks and as you click the shutter, chuck the bocks at the tower and this will wear it down without your hands being in shot. Set up was the same as the first series - 3 lights and black card.
Settings used: f/3.5, ISO-3200, 1/2500sec exposure time

p.s. thats not the order the series is shown in....but this thing isn't letting me arrange it how i want D:

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