Saturday, 31 March 2012

Spring is here

I've been meaning to get out and get photos of the blooming trees for a while. Do you not just love spring? It always makes me happy when I see the trees starting to bloom, its like a new start and reminds me of the summer coming soon.

I finally went out and got some shots and not crappy ones on my phone. -laughs- after a few failing shots with the light from the bright sky causing the blossoms to look ridiculously dull and dark, I settled for these settings: with aperture-priority - f/5.6 and whatever that left my shutter speed to which was generally about 1/250sec. also with ISO 100.

The photos have been edited using the brightness/contrast, levels and curves on photoshop and adjusted again on another programme called 'meitu xiu xiu' - some asian-y funky programme. couldn't really decide what kind of look I was going for, a cool or romantic warm feel~ Either way, i FINALLY moved my lazy butt out to do it. gonna head out again when the blossoms are in full bloom and when they start blowing off the branches. photo opportunity indeed.

o and guys, have you ever realised how beautiful things are? i feel like i'm turning into a nature freak...but nature really is beautiful. Just take the time to have a break, stop and look around you. Looking at the blossoms on my way home from college everyday, it always makes me smile. Although pigeons aren't the prettiest of birds, I still adore the beauty of their wings. The way they spread so broad and powerful yet elegant in some sense. anyway i'll stop waffling on. 

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