Friday, 1 June 2012


late overdue but i've been meaning to put these up.

Settings: f/5.6 , 1/800sec., ISO-100

Dandelions are beautiful flowers often associated with childhood. Nostalgia. Many people would reminisce over how they would blow these flowers and watch the dandelion seeds blow away.

There is a vast amount of beliefs and folk tales surrounding such flowers. They are symbols of hope, happiness and childhood. Also a variation of the daisy petal 'love me, love me not' action in which if after blowing the dandelion and seeds are still attached, it is said you're out of luck. The other more well known idea of people making a wish and blowing the flower for it to become true is another interpretation as well as  the amount of seeds left being the remaining years you have to live.

I did this as a short series contributing to my Photography exam unit - just so I wouldn't get my ass kicked for not doing anything - but also because I generally love dandelions. You don't really get many other plants like you? I wrote about these in saying that the seeds represent memories but also encounters. When blowing the flower, the seeds are detached from the flower head, like letting go of memories, moving on. Encounters in a sense that these seeds can blow far and wide. They travel to new places and bring things with them whilst settling in new places.

The colours too. Lucky the sky was clear for once - considering the usually rainy weather of the UK. Most photos were captured with the flower being held above the lens with the camera pointing towards the sky to capture the flower in a silhouette like style whilst creating this fresh feel, produced by the soft white seeds, emphasised by the soft clouds.

This final photo below was against a blue door. This emphasises the colours, enhancing the brightness. It also shows detail - a very beautiful thing considering the thin seeds and furry stems - something most ignore.

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