Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hong Kong Scenery

its been ages since I came back from Hong Kong but I never did get round to putting any scenery photos up...which I fell in love with whilst I was there. Didn't get many shots though - due to my unwillingness to carry my camera around so I could run around freely. paha Nevertheless, these are just a few of the many that I think are just pure beautiful~ Nature at its best~

they aren't put in any particular order, but I just wanted to document it down. The outskirts and mountainous areas were breath-taking, maybe because being a Londoner, the city becomes all too ordinary. Slightly wish I had taken more photos now...

I'm still trying to hunt down the dice photos I did....I know they're somewhere..

Friday, 7 September 2012

Through the Liquid Glass

I don't really remember what I named this series or the reason behind it either...but I just thought I'd post a splash of colour onto here. aha i rarely work with colour anymore - becuase I'm just that plain.

This was my final for my GCSE Art, not the best, but they were fun and bright. These fit in with the - rare - sunny weather today haha I printed these out pretty large scale...12 A4, 3 A3 and 1 A2...i think?

I like to think I have improved...I hope. I came across an sketchbook I used to plan in for art...and how I have to cringe at my painfully cheesy ideas. - Yes I did a theme of time and love, oh how I wish I didnt.

I'll see what else I come across whilst clreaing through stuff...haha